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A Little About Me

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Hi! I'm Christine Thornton- art teacher, wife, and mom of two college-aged kids.

I used to be an elementary school art teacher (I have a degree in art education from the University of Illinois). When I became a mom, I quit public school teaching to stay home with our kids. When our youngest started kindergarten in 2005, I opened my own art lessons studio and I’ve been teaching here ever since!

Making art has always been part of my life: drawing, painting, sculpting, making jewelry, you name it. There's nothing quite like creating with your hands and entering the joyful state of focused concentration called "flow". When I can help other people engage in this creative process, it's incredibly rewarding. Teaching art is my favorite creative endeavor of all.

Come create with me! To see what classes are coming up at my studio, click here. To learn more about my library art programs, click here.

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