Christine Thornton's Art Studio

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My Art Teaching Story

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Hi! I'm Christine Thornton- art teacher and studio owner. Here’s my art teaching story…

I’ve always loved making art: drawing, painting, sculpting, making jewelry, you name it. There's nothing quite like creating with your hands and entering the joyful state of focused concentration called "flow". I studied art at the University of Illinois, where I got a degree in art education. At that time I discovered that teaching art is my favorite creative endeavor of all.

After graduation, I got married and taught elementary school art for a few years, then stayed home with our kids when they were born. In 2005, I opened an art lessons studio in our home, and I’ve been teaching here ever since! I also take the show on the road teaching drawing and painting classes at libraries all over Chicagoland.

I am so grateful to the families and librarians I’ve worked with over the years. You’ve made art a priority, fostering joy and creativity in the process. Thank you for your support!

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