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Printmaking: Multimedia Cityscape Collages

Art Start December 2017

This printmaking project was so much fun and covered so many great art concepts. First we looked at pictures of city skylines and talked about architecture and design. Then we sketched skylines and transferred the drawings to styrofoam printing blocks. Using brayers, we rolled printing ink onto the etched blocks and pulled prints on many colors of paper. One week we used black ink, the next week white. We made a ton of prints!  But hang on, that was just the beginning...

What a happy coincidence! On the day that my Monday class was going to paint watercolor skies, the most gorgeous sunset was happening right as my students arrived. Look at those happy faces! After a few photos we went in and started watercolor resist skies. First they drew with oil pastels, then painted watercolors over that. The skies could be sunrise, midday, sunset, nighttime- whatever they wanted. Eventually they cut out all of those prints and layered them over the painted skies. Each person made two separate collages. It was fun to see how one sketch could lead to multiple versions of cities.

I got the idea for this project on this fantastic blog if you'd like to check it out!