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Acrylics on Canvas: Paintings Inspired by Marc Chagall

Art Start November 2017

My students and I loved studying Marc Chagall. His life and art are fascinating! Chagall and his family were Russian Jews who had to flee their village when he was a child because of war and persecution. Chagall's paintings celebrate his happy childhood and the way he rose above difficult times. We learned about some of the symbols Chagall used often: chickens= his fiery personality; musical instruments= art and joy; kissing couples= love and security; a village= his happy childhood home; floating objects= rising above difficult times. I had my students make lists of what was important to them, and sketches of symbols that might represent these things. What great thinkers! Their lists and sketches were powerful and sweet. Then for their final paintings, they had lots of creative freedom. They could choose to copy one of Chagall's paintings with or without inserting symbols representing their own lives, or they could completely invent their own compositions. I'm so proud of their creativity, thoughtfulness and skillful execution! Check it out...