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Outer Space Paper Mache Sculptures

Art Start October 2018

Paper mache is a huge favorite among students and myself alike. I teach a paper mache project each fall. You can make ANYTHING with paper mache! This year’s theme was outer space, which could be interpreted however they liked. As you can see below, the results were so creative! Everything from realistic planets to animal astronauts, from funny aliens to rocket ships and even Earth exploding into pieces. We started with a lot of brainstorming and sketching. Then the sculpture itself begins with an armature, which is the interior structure, made with cardboard, newspaper, tape and foil. Two classes are spent adding old school paper mache layers using wheat paste and strips of newspaper. Then the final class is spent painting. You can’t tell here, but most of these sculptures also have glow in the dark paint added as a final touch. Fantastic job, artists!